Thiery Weber

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Thiery Weber

Titelbild Thiery Weber

The Thiery-Weber family structure is marked by a strong solidarity and every family member can rely on each other.

Erich and Maria Weber have taken over the winery with, at that time, 5 ha from Maria`s father Karl Thiery and have developed it into one of the principal wineries of the region. In 2005, Artur, the nephew of Maria and Erich, joined the winery after having collected experiences at home and abroad.

Artur Toifl

the cellar master

Erich Weber

the haven

Maria Weber

the sunshine

Manuela Weber

the vivid

Karl Thiery

the experienced

Eveline Thiery

the kind soul

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For generations we engage in the skill of vinificating fully ripe grapes into excellent wines. Our family is deeply rooted in our home village Rohrendorf as the vines are in the mighty loess soils of the Saubühel. We cultivate an area of 17 hectares under vine in the heart of the Krems Valley.